The List


Guest Room

Guest Bathroom

  • Hang new mirror
  • paint (stripes?)
  • DIY chandelier
  • new shower doors/ fix existing ones


Living Room/ Dining Room

  • no more mustard
  • change lighting above table
  • fix broken window
  • update blinds (I’m thinking bamboo?)
  • install long, flowy curtains
  • reupholster dining room chairs
  • repaint wooden console table a fun color
  • a new couch would be nice (are you there, couch fairies?)

Master Bedroom

  • hang sunburst mirror or art above the bed (<I keep going back and forth on this… some input please?)
  • new headboard
  • change out fan and add a chandelier
  • Reupholster ottoman
  • paint bookshelf white and use as nightstand
  • create original art for walls
  • add an office space or an art/Etsy station
  • install new closet doors
  • replace blinds with bamboo/grass ones
  • create a sitting area?
  • paint walls a dark, rich gray

Master Bath

  • Paint a fun color (poppy?  coral?)
  • Remove broken shower doors and install a curtain or craigslist some new shower doors
  • hang art and a shelf
  • replace sink & counter
  • replace boring mirror with something a little more unique
  • Upgrade jewelry display


Whole House

  • test for mold and have the vents professionally cleaned
  • Remove Popcorn Ceilings
  • Crown Molding (I can dream, can’t I?)
  • Upgrade Water Heater and AC Unit at some point ( I know- borrrinnngg but important. So here’s to adulting!)