Our Under-$20-Light-Fixture-Upgrade

Guys.  Light fixtures are expensive.  Like, do you ever do an internet search for something you need, and spend the whole time wondering if that’s what people actually spend on these things?  Picture me sitting in bed with my laptop getting more and more panicked every time I click on a link of something I like and the price appears with about two extra zeros than expected.

RAD House has three of those “boob” lights from the 70’s, desperately in need of an upgrade (I hate boob lights with a fiery passion), and I also plan on switching out the fan above our dining table for something a little more aesthetically appealing.   Good thing I have $2,000 just lying around waiting to be spent on light fixtures.  Not.

But, after scouring Craigslist for at least a few several hours unsuccessfully, I happened to be strolling through the lighting section of Michaels and came across some Edison Bulbs… and then noticed they had Heritage Jar Light Pendants!  Eureka!!  They’re basically a mason jar, only prettier with seeded glass, with the bottom cut off and a hole cut out of the lid for a light to go through.  AND THEY WERE 50% off!  So I bought an Edison Bulb for $2.50, and the pendant light for FOUR. DOLLARS.  I’m sorry for the overuse of capitals, but I’m sure you can understand how happy & relieved I was to hit the lighting jackpot.

Now, I tried to get you guys a link.  I really did.  But unfortunately, it looks like you have to physically go into a Michaels to find these.  (What a tragedy 😛 )

After I got my beautiful new purchases home, I realized we would actually have to change out the fixture itself, as the light bulb was held parallel with the ceiling instead of straight down like a pendant light.  But no biggy, because Home Depot has all the answers, and I was able to find this fixture that happened to fit perfectly with my heritage jar shade.

Anyway, come to find out that changing out a light fixture is not quite as easy as I had thought.  This was a learning experience for us, but 3 Youtube Videos, and 1 worried call the Ron’s Dad who is an electrician, later, and we are now the proud owners of this gorgeous new light!

Here’s what the hallway looked like before:


And here’s what it looks like now, after we painted, installed our light, and added a few new accessories:


And here’s the Light Fixture Before & After:

Total cost breakdown:

  • Edison Bulb: $2.50
  • Seeded Glass Heritage Jar Pendant $3.99
  • Glass Shade Holder Kit $7.27

Total Spent:  A Whopping $13.76

We also added this new Hand-Carved Wooden Key Holder from Homegoods:


So here’s the current EntryWay To-Do List:

  • Paint the Walls
  • Paint bold pattern (or wallpaper?)
  • Upgrade Key-Hook area
  • Upgrade light fixture
  • Get new fire alarm
  • Replace the two closet doors
  • Repaint the trim & paint the door a fun color
  • Replace/ paint the metal “grill” for the AC unit

As you can see, there are many more posts to come, and that’s only for the entry way.  So if you liked this post & want to keep up, please subscribe to my blog for occasional updates! ❤



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