A Walk in the Woods

From the alligators just wandering around college campuses, to the everlasting shenanigans of the famous(ly idiotic) Florida Man, this little state of mine definitely has its quirks.  The summers are insufferable and endless, and the 70’s architecture is ubiquitous.  But those few days in the fall/spring, where the evenings are just cool enough and the sweltering sun seems like a distant memory, those days make it all worth it.  They are happening now, people, and they are a rare and fleeting commodity in these parts.  Ronn and I have been doing our best to go out and enjoy the evenings before summer rolls around and we inevitably die of heat stroke.

Our neighborhood borders an Equestrian Center, and there are numerous wooded trails with big trees and a healthy helping of Spanish Moss.  So, in honor of Earth Day, I thought you all might like to take a little stroll with me through the nature-y areas of the RAD house community.

Our neighborhood was a US Navy Base back in the 1800’s, and some of our stone walls are left over from those days.  This is the walking entrance to our clubhouse.
Most of Davie was marshland before settlers and Native Americans created a system of canals to drain the land.  Anywhere that you see large trees like this used to be an island.


We are keeping our eye on these tiny avocados that hang over a path we walk on.  😉
This is the golf course in my backyard.  You can see our neighboring condos on the top right.


That’s it for now, but if you enjoyed this just-for-fun post, let me know and I will create more like this in the future!

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