Spring Cleaning: Kitchen Organization Edition

RAD House got a little crazy last week, with a pest control- related emergency kitchen clean-out, of which I will spare you the gross deets.  Picture me humming a stress-induced version of “La Cucaracha” while scouring Google for an exterminator that works off-hours.  Isn’t Florida fun?!  Yeah.

Fortunately the nice Pest Control guy came out on a Wednesday night and things were back to normal fairly quickly… that is, except for the chaos in our living room:

RAD House- Explosion Edition?  (Who knew how much stuff we had in our cabinets?!)

Meanwhile, in Kitchenville, all was beautifully empty, and sparkling clean- a blank canvas, and exactly what I needed to spark some organizational inspiration…

This all happened before the Sea Salt (see previous post) & sorry for the blurry photo!

Luckily amidst the craziness, I still had the sense to take some (horrible) before pictures, so you could see just how bad things really were.  I don’t know about you, but I am often less inclined to organize that which can be hidden behind doors when we have company.

DSCN1525 copy.jpg
I pinky swear I did not make this messier for the photo.  This is really what it looked like.  Note the large bag of cat food, the lack of access to anything in the back, and our lovely artisan collection of plastic bags.
DSCN1684 copy.jpg
L@@k how much space we have!!! And would you believe that allllll that stuff that’s on top of the counter in the Before pic is now put away?! Miracles do happen.

What I did:

  • Distributed the bag of cat food into 4 large canning jars (sealed tightly to prevent future infestations).  This also made space in another cabinet that was housing the empty jars.
  • Took a few things to Goodwill that were no longer serving their purpose (i.e. red mixing bowl)
  • Purchased these vertical pan racks from Amazon
  • Drilled these lid racks into the cabinet doors.  I can’t even tell you how amazingly easy and space-saving this particular step was.  Just make sure the screws are smaller than the doors are wide, or you will drill straight through.

I also swung by my favorite dollar store (5 Below FTW!!) and picked up the little chevron plastic bins for spices, etc.  Please try not to scream as you look through these Before photos:

And now that you know all of my deep dark inner-cabinet secrets (and, if you’re anything like me, probably have the song “Everything in its Right Place” by Radiohead stuck in your head forevermore) I think you’re ready for the moral of the story:

Sometimes when things get messy, the easiest way to organize is to take everything out and start completely from scratch.

This little conundrum was a blessing in disguise, and even though it took a good portion of the day (come on, guys, I do other stuff too, I swear)  I literally LIVE for this kind of thing.  Our kitchen is small and has no pantry, so staying on top of the clutter is absolutely necessary.  Plus, I discovered food I didn’t know I had, so that’s always good.  😉



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