Help me pick a paint color!

Calling all opinionated people!  You finally have a small place on the internet where you can take off your coat, put your feet up, and unapologetically dish out your unsolicited advice.  I need you.

Here is my living room/ dining room/ kitchen.  Take a long hard look.  You may have already noticed that it is very yellow.  And not a happy, sunny yellow, as some of my light-filled photos might suggest.  It’s more like a light mustard that we have lived with for almost 3 years, and it has to go.

Exhibit A, the room:

So here’s where you come in.   I’ve created this awesome little survey so that you can jump in and let me know which of my paint samples are your fave.  See below.

Exhibit B, the samples:


And… Exhibit C: because I like to check out other rooms that already have the paint color I’m sampling, here are some rooms I found around the internet:

(left) Repose Gray:  Design Harmony  •  (center) Sea Salt:  Thrift Diving •  (right) Aloof Gray: Emily Henderson 

Exhibit D:  The Survey

And if surveys aren’t your thing, feel free to leave a comment below!  All feedback is welcome 🙂


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