It’s coral!  And no, we’re not talking about Rick Grimes’ zombie-killing son or the cool stuff that grows in the ocean.  The other kind.  The kind that is not quite peach, and not quite red.  Specifically:  Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral in a satin finish.

First let me explain the images you’re about to see, as they may be confusing to some.  Our condo, like most Florida condos, was built in the 70’s.  And people in the 70’s made some very strange design decisions, one popular one being to put the bathroom sink in a separate room from the toilet and shower, like in a hotel.  Both of our bathrooms are like that.  It’s completely unnecessary in my opinion, especially since we have two whole bathrooms.  But anyway, those were some crazy hippies back in the day and who knows what kind of drugs they were on when they designed this place.  Kidding, kidding.  So if you’re wondering where the sink is, it’s outside of the bathroom and will be addressed in a separate post, so stay tuned.

But back to the important stuff.  A few days ago the bathroom attached to the Master Bedroom looked like this:

Blah.  Also worth noting is the broken shower door and rusty vent cover.  (The stuff on the plate is bubble bath from Lush if you’re wondering.)

Basically a whole lot of beige and ugly and boring for such a tiny little room, but fear not my friends because that is all about to change.

The inspiration for the room was this Georgia O’keefe Oriental Poppies print that I took with me to the paint store and used to pick out this gorgeous & fun coral color in a water resistant paint.  I also swung by Ikea (I’m only 2 exits away- be jealous), and picked up a shelf for $6.99, a frame for $8 for my print, and a few cheap white candles.   AND I picked up a shower curtain rod that no one in Home Depot seemed to know where to find.  Honestly, on a side note, it took me longer to find the curtain rod than it did to paint the entire bathroom.  Go figure.

The whole project was done in a day for under $50.  

So without further ado…  the Afters:



The trim is next on my list ^

It’s cheery & feminine and a MUCH better environment to take a long candle-lit bubble bath after a 10 hour shift at the bank.

A few things I want to add:

  • The shower curtain is a temporary fix and is only hiding our broken shower door, for now.  Our HOA designates certain times of year to throw our large items, so I am waiting patiently for that time before I remove the doors.
  • Changing the vent cover was disgusting, but definitely necessary.
  • I saved a lot of money by reusing things I already owned.  The shower curtain came with us from our home in Orlando, the curtain clips were  from the previous curtains in the Office/ Music Room.  The feathers in the sake flask fell off our friendly neighborhood elevator-riding duck before being washed and dried by moi.

And that’s all for now folks!  But I’d love to hear your opinions on the Ravishing Coral.  Is it the blushy, pretty, peach of your dreams, or can all you see is Pink Slime?   😀


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