Oh, Florida.  Isn’t it strange and unnatural how living in this beautiful state requires a giant metal box that generates cool air?  Do people in other regions feel closer to nature because they can have the windows open for a larger portion of the year (i.e. all summer)?  Is living in Florida even worth it?

These are the thoughts you might be having when your AC unit decides to celebrate its 10th-ish birthday by going kaput.  Fortunately, unlike what would be expected to happen according to the tenants of Murphy’s Law, ours broke on a very unusual-for-SoFlo, lovely 73 degree night.

So we didn’t die.  But I knew I had to jump on it or risk braving a sweltering night in the near future.  Normally, when our AC goes we just DIY it and throw some dissolving pellets in the water tray, and it will start back up, but this time we opened up the ceiling latch and saw this:

Ice.  Lots of Ice.

 A quick google search told us that this fix was probably outside the vast realm of our DIY capabilities, so we bit the bullet and made the call.

A few hours later, we had the AC guy at our house asking where the unit was.  “There’s another part to it?”  We had no idea.  Fast forward a few minutes, we are on the roof of our 4 story building, staring at another giant hunk of ice, wondering if this whole homeownership thing was even a good idea.

Our AC-turned-rooftop-snow machine

The good news is, he was able to fix it for a reasonable price (I even got a sizable discount for having removed the equivalent of 10 olympic swimming pools full of staples for his boss.  Long story.)  The bad news is, the AC unit is on its last leg, so we better start saving now.

The other good news is, we found a great place to watch the fireworks come July 4th!

At least Dexter liked our setup for catching the melting ice…

When I started this blog, I promised to talk about the ins & outs and the ups & downs of homeownership.  Having to replace the AC only only months after closing on your mortgage would definitely be a down, but here’s to hoping it holds out another year or two.  Fingers crossed!  If not, well then, owning a place that we love, building equity, and not having to look for a new place to live still make it worth it in the end.  ❤


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