How to make a Killer Cheese Plate

So you’re having a party.  And rather than throw down the usual Cheetos and Bagel Bites, you decide you need to fancify it a little, take it up a notch on the maturity scale.  Think: wine pairing.

If you have been reading this blog thoroughly, you may have come across my Homeowner post at the very beginning about how I went from being a renter to an owner.  And what better excuse to have a party?  So that is pretty much what happened this weekend- we had a handful of friends over and played some games, drank some Watermelon Swizzles, and ate lots of food.  Fancy food.

Basically, I made a cheese plate.  Because if your party does not have a cheese plate, then you are not sophisticated, and you might as well succumb to the off-brand pretzel sticks and just give up.

Just kidding!  But still.

Anyway, just in case you might be slightly inexperienced in the difficult Art of Cheese Plating, I thought I’d break it down for you with some tips to make the transition easier:

What you need:

  • A tray or wooden cutting board
  • Parchment Paper

And 1-3 things from the following categories:

  • Nuts (pistachos • candied pecans • roasted cashews • macarona almonds)
  • Fruit (grapes • figs • mandarin oranges • dried apricots • thinly sliced apples)
  • Soft Cheese (brie • goat cheese • blue cheese • feta)
  • Harder Cheese (parmesan • cheddar • gouda • manchego • swiss)
  • Carbs (crackers • bread sticks • toasted baguette slices )
  • Toppings (honey • marmalade • pesto • pepper jelly • caramelized onion spread)
  • Other (olives • artichoke hearts • prosciutto • sun-dried tomatoes • those tiny pickles)

Let’s get cheesy!  (har har)

-My Platter from the House (Re)warming Party this weekend-


And there you have it!  Lots of flavor combinations packed into one tray.  This is sure to give partygoers an outlet to express their creativity so they don’t end up breaking something.  You’re welcome.

A few tips:  don’t put it out too early before guests arrive • save half the cheese to pull out later so it’s not all sitting out (you can see on my platter, there was only a small amount of each kind.  I added the rest halfway through the night) • if you have any vegan friends coming, put out at least one plant-based option so they don’t starve can join in the fun (fun fact: you can easily make vegan ricotta by grinding up pre-soaked cashews)

Tell me all your thoughts on cheese.<3


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