Tour the Condo

Last week, I promised you all some daylight pictures of my Master Bedroom. I know I’ve been leaving you hanging, so while I was at it, I decided to go ahead and update my Condo Tour page with some new “Progress” Photos (I’m still a looonngg way from “After” photos).  And that’s how a few quick shots of the bedroom quickly turned into an almost whole-house photoshoot (I didn’t photograph either of the bathrooms- don’t worry, those are coming!  And I skipped the multi-purpose Guest Room because that project was already covered extensively here.)

Anyway, it’s time to put on your socks and sandals, and stop in the middle of the sidewalk, because you’re a tourist today, baby… a condo tourist, that is!

DSCN1300aDSCN1330aDSCN1309aDSCN1322apsst…you’ll never believe where I found this sexy sequin mermaid pillow…DSCN1337a…the dollar store, 5below!   I’ll take 10 please.

DSCN1361aDSCN1376a^Dex’s favorite place to watch the ducks.

So that’s it for now folks, get out of my house!  And take your socks and sandals with you.  (Just kidding, I love you guys.)

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