Spring Forward

Spring is here, spring is here!  At least I think it is… Florida certainly makes it hard to tell.  However!  I’m a New Englander at heart, and I will always feel a need to celebrate and decorate for the different seasons.

I realized a few days ago that Spring is one season I don’t really have any decor for.  😦  You see, if you’ve been paying attention to this blog you may have realized by now that I’m not really a pastel person.  I’m not really a bunny person either, although how adorable would it be to stick some bunny ears on Dexter?!

Just kidding, it’s only Photoshopped.  I’m not that cruel.

Anyway, living in a condo makes holiday/seasonal decor tricky.  We only have so much storage space, and why use it for decorations you can only enjoy a few weeks out of the year? My solution to this problem was to snag a few things in springy colors that we could continue to use all year, and put them in a concentrated area so people get the “spring vibe.”  I’ll let you judge for yourself, but either way, I’m so excited to be able to make tea again after getting rid of my gross old tea kettle a few weeks ago.  Plus, how gorg is this dish towel from World Market?


What are your favorite springy things?  How do you decorate for Spring?  Bare minimum, all-out… bunnies and chicks on everything?



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