Outdoor Flooring Upgrade

Let’s rewind for a sec.  Back when we first moved into our rad condo, a very not-so-rad thing happened: our Homeowner’s Association made the executive decision to pull out all outdoor carpeting in the neighborhood because it retains water and damages the integrity of the building or something.  About 2.5 minutes after we moved in, they sent over a guy, and he pulled out the black carpeting on our porch.  I know it doesn’t sound like the most designer flooring ever, but it was functional and mostly faded in to the background.  What we were left with was a crumbling, carpet-glue covered cement mess.

Artifact 1:

We had to come up with a solution.  It was too crumbly and textured for paint to be an option.  I looked at some vinyl tile on Amazon, but decided that probably wouldn’t lay flat over the disintegrating cement.  I was ready to give up when I magically stumbled upon one of my favorite IKEA finds ever: clickable tile.

Essentially, it’s wooden tile that snaps together to create a teak-like wood floor.  It’s temporary and removable, but feels permanent and expensive.  Plus, it doesn’t show dirt and pollen as much as ceramic tile.

In the end, it took the better half of a Saturday to install and stain, but we’ve had it going on 2 years now, and it still looks great!  (I used the Ikea stain and did 1 coat)

Muuuuchhhh better

Disclaimer:  I definitely wouldn’t recommend using the Runnen Tile for just anything.  I can see this getting damaged pretty quickly out in the elements.  Fortunately, our little porch is protected for the most part from the sun and rain.  I also don’t recommend it for anyone with back trouble, as you will be hunched over for a good 2 or 3 hours clicking these things together.  Fun!

Anyway… what do you guys think?



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