A Shot in the Dark

I did something completely out of my comfort zone.  I painted my bedroom- the whole bedroom- dark, dark, dark.  For quite a while, I had swatches of gray peppering the walls, and it’s been the consensus among our friends to go with the lightest of the colors.  But after painting our closet black a few weeks ago, and trying out the different grays on the pretend walls of my virtual room, I was feeling brave.  So I nixed all of the paint samples I had, and went even darker than the darkest one with Elephant Skin by Behr.  And let me tell you, I have no regrets.  I’m adoring its richness & sophistication, and how much my white furniture and accessories “pop” in front of it.

But that’s not all… About halfway through the painting process, I decided I needed to add a thing to the plain, bare wall opposite the bed.  I had a bunch of rejected paint samples left over from the swatching, so I taped off an little area, and the rest is history  a future blog post.

Anyway, because I was painting feverishly from dawn ’til dusk, and even missed the new Walking Dead episode (the horror!!), I haven’t exactly been able to take the natural-light-flooding-in-through-the-curtains-in-the-daytime photos of my dreams.  But the truth is I can’t wait another second to share my new walls, so you can use your imagination for now, and I will upload better ones by the end of the week.  Pinky promise.

So without further Ado:

(remember the Before?)

Well here are the Afters:


P.S. I promise I am not planning to paint my whole house gray.

What are your thoughts on dark walls?  Are they sexy and sophisticated?  Claustrophobic?  Dreary?


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