Don’t mind my Corkiness

If you appreciate a good glass of wine like I do, chances are you may have a collection of corks lying around.  No doubt, the internet is littered with an infinite number of both cute and stupid craft ideas for these things, and I have probably tried about half of them. Since I’m spending the next few days working on my Master Bedroom (so I can have some awesome Before’s & After’s for you come Monday), I thought I would share my favorite of alllll the cork projects in the land.

It’s super complicated, are you ready?

Materials required:

  • 8 wine corks of similar size (if you don’t have any, you can buy them here.)
  • hot glue


  1. Glue corks together to make a square


And voila!  You now have a classy, timeless coaster, or throw a few of these together to use as a trivet for hot cookware.

What’s the best cork idea you’ve seen?


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