Palette That! Your Guide to Choosing a Color Palette

I was browsing HGTV articles (don’t judge me), and I found this shiny little hunk of inspiration:  Unexpected Color Palettes

While some of these I absolutely love… in theory, I can’t help but think that the super loud dichromatic bold colors are going out of style.  Color palettes are just more dynamic these days, especially in real, lived-in spaces.  I know, there are no rules for decorating, but there may be helpful guidelines we can follow to create a well-rounded space that doesn’t leave spots in your eyes every time you blink.  I’ve compiled a list to make things simple:

  1. Balance bold with neutrals– This may seem obvious but just like how the darker the wall, the lighter your furniture should be, similarly, a large piece of woodgrain furniture will help balance out that hot-pink wall.
  2. Vary the shades– Choose a light, a bright, a dark, and a subtle tone. Throw in a metallic or two.  Vary the finishes as well- balance shiny with flat matte.
  3. Texture is the new color– natural grass, long wool, metallics, sequins, wood, ceramics, all add different textures to a room.
  4. Think about the purpose of your space– if this is a place for relaxing and winding down, you may want to rethink that dizzying wall paint
  5. Choose a main color and then offset it with opposite-color accessories–  do you remember that color wheel you learned in 2nd grade art class?  It’s time to reach into the depths of your memory and pull it out.  Blue walls?  Great!  Throw in a few little orange trinkets.  But make it interesting.  If it’s a Navy blue, maybe offset it with some light orange or peach or coral.  If it’s light blue, try some dark orange-toned wood like bamboo.  But for Christ’s Sake, don’t limit yourself to those two colors!  Add green.  Add copper.  Add lots of fresh white, maybe another shade of blue, some grays.  Don’t be like the HGTV article. (sorry HGTV, you know I still love you)
  6. Evenly disperse bold colors- if you have an emerald green chair on one side of the room, you may want to consider balancing it out with a bowl of green apples, or paint your table lime green on the opposite end of the room
  7. By all means, break the rules!  But now at least you have some rules to break 😉

It’s also helpful to map out your palettes first, even if you don’t stick to them.  Here are some palettes I made with an online tool ( ) to plan out my house (These are subject to change, of course!) :

RAD House- Living Room


RAD House- Bedroom


RAD House- Guest Room


Just for fun

Palette Challenge:  I would LOVE to see your color palette creations!  Just tag them with #radhousedesign on Insta ❤



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