Bookcase: the Remix

This little bookcase was a $40 Craigslist find that I’ve never quite found the right spot for, but with the 525,600 books we own (and by “we ” I mean Ron), it is absolutely useful and necessary.

Bookcase before: Dark, cluttered, unorganized

And speaking of not fitting in, have you noticed my nightstand situation in the Master bedroom?  Not quite the most symmetrical setup…


So, I solved both problems at once with a few coats of paint.  And it looks amazing, thank you very much.  The white paint brought life to it, and it will look fabulous against my soon-to-be-painted walls!


As you can imagine, it took more than a few coats of paint to go from black to white (4 coats to be exact), but now we know a thing like this is possible, folks!  And I will share a secret with you:  I didn’t even sand.  We will see if this comes back to bite me later, but the paint seemed to stick fine so I went with it.  I used the leftover paint and finishes from our closet-to-desk project, and the same primer-paint-poly method that I listed out here.  I can not be happier with the way it turned out, or the total cost of $0.00

What about you? What are your deep, philosophical thoughts on nightstands?  Am I the only weirdo that likes to use bookcases and dressers instead?  Is it ok to mismatch as long as they are a similar size/color?  Drop a comment, let’s discuss!



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