Creating Virtual Rooms

Now that our guest room is in *decent* condition, I’m moving my focus to the Master Bedroom.  This room became a dumping ground for all of our project stuff and random things from our guest-closet-turned-desk since it’s easy to close off when guests come over, and frankly I’m over it.  I want a haven from the chaos, not more chaos.    The last straw was when the cable guy showed up and had to move about 10 large paintings before he found the hookup he was looking for.  Sorry Cable Guy 😦

One half of the room does not look terrible, probably because it’s mostly made up of bed.  But the other half, the half you can see from the doorway, the half I can see while I’m trying to fall asleep at night, is haunting my dreams.

Could be worse

Cluttered Bookshelf, mismatched furniture, random junk, Dexter

There are two problems I’m working out.  One is that I can’t decide on a paint color. The other is that I have no idea what to do with the above wall.  So I discovered this magical (free!!!) thing online called .  Basically, you can create your whole house virtually, and you can try out different wall colors and furniture arrangements without ever getting out of bed.  It’s the future!

So I built this bedroom and tried a few things…

And just for fun…


(Can I please just live in this virtual room instead? )

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with this wall…  But I could play with this website all day.  Just seeing it with the mess cleared out makes me think that maybe a little cleaning will make all the difference:


Well guys… I’m off to fix things in real life.  Wish me luck!


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