Vacation Inspiration- Cape Cod Lakehouse

If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air ocean-worn brick and gray-shingled houses with clever names, you may want to take a trip to the Cape.  I grew up family-vacationing in a little cottage called “Bunker Dune”, and this past summer two cool people I know got married outside an AirBNB lake house reminiscent of my childhood stays.

Cape Cod has its own  unique style of decor that mixes materials from a simpler time (think Pilgrims and Moby Dick) with beachy touches and quirky but lovable trends:

  • gray Pine shingled houses
  • the name of the house on a wood banner above the garage or living room window
  • outdoor showers (for both maximum enjoyment of nice weather, and minimum sand in the house)
  • Starfish in windows
  • an overabundance of Hydrangeas (never a bad thing.  But I’m not even kidding- growing hydrangeas is an art form up there.)
  • homes often have repurposed nautical objects, like a Lobster Trap as a coffee table
  • rough granite bricks bordering streets and driveways
  • old brick and cobblestone
  • whales
  • am I forgetting anything?

Maybe one of these days I will take you on a tour of some of the beautiful homes and gardens I’ve seen (yes I sometimes take pictures of cute houses I walk by or whatever.  Totally acceptable), but this post is about the lake house.  Focus, people.

The house was a 2 story loft with lots of big windows and a few modern pieces to balance out the traditional Cottage-y feel.  The focal point was this gorgeous spiral staircase above a cozy living room with a fireplace:



It’s clear that the owners of this house really loved blue.  There were Navy sofas, Turquoise vases, Robbin’s Egg walls, Mint bedspreads, Electric-Blue chairs, Ocean Blue pillows, Sky Blue throws, to name a few.  Even the kitchen counters were teal.  I don’t usually decorate with blue, but maybe it’s time to start?  I’m thinking my dining room chairs could use an update!

Anyway, I know all you care about are the pictures:

Huge Farmhouse Table. Modern Chandelier.  Carry-on luggage.
Adorable green Adirondack Chairs
Upstairs Loft Bedroom

This house has floors that are very similar to mine in color, so I’m thinking of just stealing the entire color palette.  Does anyone else get vacation renovation-inspiration?


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