How many shades of Grey?

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now because… Ding Dong the Yellow is Dead!  Ok only in one room but still.  If you are paying unreasonably close attention to this blog, you should already know that I have been pining to get rid of the kakhi-mustard walls that enshroud all but 1 room of my house.  First of all, yellow is just not my color, and second of all, once I redid the closet in the guest room, the color of the walls started to look particularly awful next to the black and white desk space.  They had to go.

Half a gallon of paint, and a full season of Bate’s Motel later (that’s a really weird show by the way. Don’t judge me.), the guest room is painted!

I worried for a while that the grey I chose was too dark, or too lavender.  It seemed like it wasn’t until the last inch of yellow was covered, the curtains were hung, and the bed was made before I could take a sigh of relief- it’s the perfect grey.  It’s dark enough to make the whites pop, but not so dark that the room feels like a cave.  It’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s warm, it’s not mustard.  I’m in love.

The color we ended up with is Burnished Clay by BEHR.

Finding the Goldilocks Grey

Testing the paint samples sounds easy, but as it turns out it’s pretty difficult to figure out what a whole room will look like based off of a tiny swatch.  We originally swatched three colors in the yellow room, but were surprised at how different the same shades looked against a white wall.  Case in point:

These are the same three colors in the same order.

I asked around for opinions, and the consensus seemed to be the lightest of the three (the leftmost swatch). It was about halfway through the first wall when I started to worry the lightest wasn’t light enough.  At the store, the three paint chips seemed almost white next to the array of darker colors.

The trick of the trade is to choose the lightest version of a color you like, and then go a shade or even two lighter.

*And by lightest, I mean most muted.  For instance, the color you like mixed with grey (if you want cool) or tan (if you want warm).  We don’t want you ending up with neon purple when all you wanted was a plum, mkay?

A Little Painting Goes a Long Way

The only way to stress to you just how much of a difference paint color can make is to show you the B & A’s.  Here is that “Corner of Doom” I mentioned in an earlier post:


And here it is now:


Before, looking in through the door:




Before, the window still had the original metal blinds from the 70’s:


We added bamboo blinds and white curtains.  (By the way those bamboo blinds, and all their glorious filtered light can by purchased here.






And here’s an update of the closet with the new surrounding color:


This is all still a work in progress, but I think it’s safe to say that our guests will have a more comfortable stay.  Ronn has a less distracting work environment (or maybe more, since I tend to wander in there just to stare at the gorgeous walls).  All in all, I’m happy with the results, and can’t wait to paint the rest of the house.

What do you guys think?  And more importantly, anyone want to come help me paint?


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