Appliances Now!

Ok so I’m fully aware that you may or may not get my movie reference.  However, that does nothing to damper my excitement over my NEW APPLIANCES.

Seriously.  Feast your eyes on these beauties:


I will go ahead and address the elephant in the room.  You may be wondering how, on a measley banker’s salary, am I able to afford to replace my microwave and oven only weeks after buying a house.  “She must be wracking up credit card debt,” you are probably saying to yourself.  “This young woman is making irresponsible choices with her money,” you could even be thinking.

I’m sure you’re not actually thinking those things, but if you are, I am happy to tell you you are DEAD WRONG.  And you probably haven’t heard of a little not-so-secret weapon against breaking your budget called….

wait for it…


Okokok I know everyone’s heard of Craigslist.  But not everyone realizes how truly amazing it can be.  Yes, you have to watch out for the occasional fraudster and scammer, but a (almost) brand new, stainless steel stove for $200 is a beautiful thing.

(I can’t really give myself full credit here, my mom and stepdad are the Craigslist Gurus, and they tracked down these gorgeous hunks of metal and installed them for me while I watched helplessly. )  But enough about my lack of microwave installation skills.  Let’s do a Before & After.  (Don’t judge my messy kitchen.  I only clean for the “Afters”):

What was your best Craigslist find?

Update:  Although the old microwave was broken and went straight to the dumpster, we ended up selling the old oven on Craigslist for $100.  Here’s the cost breakdown for this mini-remodel:

 New Microwave $100 + New Oven $200 = $300 – Old Oven = $200 total



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