The Pros and Cons of Condo Living

A few years ago if you had told me my “starter home” would be a 2nd floor condo on a golf course I would’ve told you you must not know me at all.  All I wanted was a house with a yard.  I wanted a drive-way.  I wanted a garage. I wanted a vegetable garden.  During my last year of college, Ron and I got a great deal on a rental duplex with a big yard that the landlord gave us free reign over.  I was seriously in heaven, at least for the first year or two.  Side note about me: I have extremely strong opinions.  So when I stopped liking living in a house (ok a duplex, but very similar to a house), I started to hate it with a fiery passion, and there’s quite a strong possibility I will never go back.

Why I stopped liking Single-Family (and similar) Homes

Backyard desperately in need of some TLC

The first thing that happened was I got a full-time job.  I suddenly had a lot less time to spend in the garden.  The vegetables went unpicked, the plants became overgrown, and I never got a chance to finish a lot of yard projects on my list.  Thinking back, even when I worked part time, the garden was too much to handle and not worth the time we put into it.  It was a failed experiment that involved way too much labor under the hot Florida sun.

The second thing that happened was not so much a thing as it was a long string of security issues.  There were instances of men jumping our 6′ fence to use our yard as a cut-through (supposedly?).  Ronn started working night shifts, and I spent many nights alone lying in bed watching our motion-censor flood lights turn on, wondering if it was a person or just a stray cat.

In the condo, we are nice and safe on the second story, from robbers, from solicitors, and most importantly from a zombie apocalypse.  We have 0 yard work to do, and we never have to worry about replacing our roof, outdoor painting, mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, washing the drive-way, unclogging the gutters.  We have a pool we don’t have to take care of, and we have the calming sound of golf ball putting in the morning.

So just because I love making lists:

Condo Pros:

Lots of this
  • Safety & peace of mind (this should count as like 5 points)
  • Privacy
  • No yard work & fewer repair expenses
  • People are always around
  • Pool & amenities
  • mandatory exercise (parking further, walking up stairs)
  • Can afford to live in a nicer neighborhood
  • Awesome brunch complete with $2.50 Bloody Marys

Condo Cons:

  • IMG_5295.JPG
    None of these 😦

    Upstairs neighbor is practicing for the High-Heel Olympics (no, that is not a real thing except in the world of upstairs neighbors)

  • no fire pit
  • walking up stairs is annoying
  • HOA makes dumb rules (sometimes)
  • Having to park in a parking lot

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